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Which Bonnet Size Should I Order?

Our satin bonnets come in a variety of sizes to suit all hair types and textures. To order the right size for your hair, please find your hair type down below and visit our sizing guide to learn more.

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Verified Reviews

“I love my sleep cap and scrunchies! I wear them every night and my hair is less dry and frizzy than usual. I've even had some of my coworkers notice a difference in my hair. If you're thinking about getting it, get it!”

- Emma T.


“I ordered a satin bonnet and im so happy with my order! The colors that I chose look even better in person and its very comfortable. I've had it for a couple of months now and the colors still look fresh. Silky, easy to sleep in, what more could you ask for?”

- Taylor L.


“Hands down, this is the best bonnet I've ever tried. The other bonnets I've bought in the past were either too big or too small, but the adjustable cord on this one makes it fit perfectly. Thank you for an amazing product!!"

- Carol B.


"I bought a shower cap and hair scarf for my waist length braids and it holds them nicely. No issues with slipping and it doesn't irritate my skin like a lot of other shower caps do."

- Janine S.


“I've been sleeping on my satin pillowcase for quite some time, but I've always struggled with rolling over my long hair at night which is really uncomfortable, but ever since I started using my bonnet in conjunction with my pillowcase, I haven't been having that issue. 10 out of 10, would recommend!"

- Maeve C.

Rhode Island

“I got a standard bonnet for my thin straight hair that sits just past the middle of my back and the standard size fits perfectly. Its been very comfortable to sleep with and my hair hasn't been breaking off as much as it used to. Highly recommend."

- Molly A.


"I bought an Extra-large bonnet for all of my thick curly hair and a large for when I straighten my hair and these bonnets are an absolute Godsend. I've always struggled with messy hair in the morning, but this bonnet cuts my styling time in half. It also has alot of room for my hair to grow which I love!"

- Hannah L.


"I ordered a reversible bonnet for myself and a matching one for my 6 year old daughter and we both love our bonnets! Very comfortable and the fact that you can choose your own colors at no extra charge is practically unheard of. Amazing quality!"

- Joy W.

New York